Tell Patients How to Protect Their COVID-19 Vaccination Card

More questions will come up about COVID-19 vaccine record cards.

These small, white CDC record cards are the latest prized provide proof of immunization against COVID-19.

And there's buzz about them becoming a ticket or "passport" for attending concerts, traveling, etc.

But it can be easy to lose these cards...or to become victims of identity theft if a picture of the card is shared online.

In fact, scammers are using these images to create fraudulent cards...and selling them for up to $60 each.

Help patients safeguard their COVID-19 vaccine card.

For example, suggest scanning or taking a photo of the card...keeping an image on their phone or a copy in their wallet...and storing the original card with other important documents.

Encourage patients posing for a picture after vaccination to cover up personal info on the card...or leave it out of the image altogether...if they plan on posting it on social media.

Listen for patients saying they're going to laminate the card...since this may make the ink illegible. Plus this could make it tricky to add booster doses...IF they're needed in the future.

Instead, suggest a clear plastic sleeve old badge or ID holder from a job or conference...or even a zipper sandwich bag.

If a card gets lost or damaged, follow your pharmacy's policy for giving a replacement if your site administered the dose.

For instance, some pharmacies can check their computer or state immunization information system (IIS) registry...and fill out a new card after confirming the patient's identity. Don't give out blank cards.

Otherwise, point patients to their vaccination provider...your state's health dept...or IIS...for a replacement.

Expect to see new tools. For example, NY has a free voluntary app and website that its residents can use to share proof of vaccination.

Continue to keep your pharmacy's supply of cards in a safe place.

Use our tech tutorial, The Basics of Immunization and Vaccines, for more help with vaccine registries and documentation.

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Pharmacy Technician's Letter. May 2021, No. 370510

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